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I’m Ann Hession, Certified Medical Intuitive and Body Code and Emotion Code Practitioner, Spiritual Coach and Intuitive Energetic Healer. My experience includes years in the wellness / alternative healthcare field, as a Certified Muscular Therapist, Certified Prenatal Massage Therapist, Life and Success Coach, and former director of a large wellness center of 20+ practitioners offering acupuncture, massage therapy, chiropractic, naturopathic medicine, and more. I hold a BA in Psychology and Social Relations from Harvard University, and have studied energy medicine and transformational healing since the 1980’s, including Creative Healing, Body Electronics, Landmark Education studies, Shiatsu, The Body Code, and The Emotion Code.


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Our Record of Success

I feel amazing!

“I am a hair stylist and every day that I worked, starting about 8 weeks into my pregnancy, I was having an intense “episode” every afternoon that brought about light headedness, nausea, and sweats. It was awful. I also was having a hard time feeling “connected” to my baby, which was very distressing for me

After the first session with Ann, I noticed a big improvement, and after the second session the nausea and sweats were completely resolved, and I’m feeling very connected to my baby now. I feel amazing, emotionally, physically, just amazing!”

~Melissa C.

I am so pleased with the results!

“I was struggling and very stressed about nursing my son – my milk supply was decreasing and he was starting to refuse to nurse and to really prefer the bottle. This was so upsetting, nursing is very important to me and I felt like my body was failing me.

We did several sessions with Ann, working on both me and my son, and it was really eye opening! I was able to see that there were things that were impacting our nursing experience that I just had no idea about before, and that my own feelings of frustration and failure were affecting my son and just making things worse. I am so pleased with the results! My milk has gone back up and feels much more stable, and I’m so happy because my son is really happily nursing again! Those special moments when he is really engaged, touching my face and looking at me when we are nursing, are back! It’s hard to express how much that means to me.”

~Sarah B.

I was miserable… the difference is night and day

“I was about 11 weeks into my pregnancy when I started working with Ann Hession, and I was miserable, throwing up 5-7 times a day, every day. I was sick from the moment I woke up until the moment I went to bed – just non-functional, had to spend most of the day every day lying down, unable to do anything including taking care of my kids. I was even hospitalized for dehydration and was diagnosed with hyperemesis gravidarum.

I didn’t know what to expect from the sessions, but as we worked through the different “imbalances” that were showing up, it was so interesting to have her identify things from my past that I could remember – it was so accurate – and then to have those emotions cleared away was really great.

We have done several sessions – I guess mine is a tough case! – and the difference is already night and day. I do sometimes still throw up once when I first wake up, but then the nausea is gone completely for the whole rest of the day, and I can function like myself again – it’s amazing! I’m motivated and productive again — it’s huge for me and for my family, I’m so grateful!”

~Irene I.

I still can’t quite believe it!

“My 4 year old developed a sensitivity to oranges about 2 years ago. He could eat lemons and limes no problem, but every time he had any orange – orange juice, tangerines, fresh orange, anything — he would break out in a bad diaper rash on his bottom every time. He loves oranges and we live in California where they are everywhere, so it was really hard. I was working with Ann for myself for some other health issues, and it was helping me so much that I asked her if she could help with this orange issue for my son. After one healing session with Ann, the sensitivity or whatever it was is completely gone — now he can eat as many oranges as he wants, and there’s no rash, no reaction of any kind. I still can’t quite believe it!”

~Andri B.

The excruciating pain is totally gone…

“Thank you so much. It’s a miracle! My neck is back to normal now….The excruciating pain is totally gone… Thank you- I am so very grateful!!”

~Michele F    

Couldn’t believe it how fast it worked

“I was VERY skeptical about ‘energy healing’ and how it could possibly help me, and especially the idea that it could be done over the phone! But I was also pretty desperate, my “morning sickness” — hah! it was more like morning, noon and night — was awful and nothing I had tried helped. So I decide to give it a try, and while I still don’t understand it, I can’t deny that it was the answer. And I couldn’t believe how fast it worked! After the first session there was immediate relief and I was able to eat a real meal without nausea for the first time in weeks. There was still some nausea in the mornings, so we did another session a few days later, and that handled it for good, I never had more than a twinge after that for the whole rest of my pregnancy. Don’t let skepticism stop you, this is the real deal!”

~ Maggie S.

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